Technical Diver 1

This course will enable you to dive beyond the limits of recreational diving. In Technical Diving 1 you will be able to use the skills learnt from Technical Diving Basic Skills in real scenarios.  You will also be able to make more complex diving and you will learn how to handle accelerated decompression using up to 100% oxygen.  The Technical Diving 1 course will also allow you to use tri-mix which is beneficial to reduce narcosis and a more easy breathing at depth.  The introduction of standard gasses will allow you to plan the dive efficiently and safely and will also reduce confusion when diving with a big team.

After successful completion of the course, you have learned to :

  • Plan and perform decompression with an extra decompression gas.
  • Use helium-based bottom gases.
  • Maximum PO2 1.6 for decompression gas.
  • Maximum PO2 1.4 for the bottom gas.
  • Equivalent narcosis depth (END) during the course is 30 meters.
  • Accelerated decompression using EAN50 or 100% oxygen.
  • Dive to a depth of 55 meters.


Prerequisite Technical Diver 1

  • Students must be at least 18 years old
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Students must be certified Technical Diving Basic Skills or equivalent in other recognized organization.
  • Have at least 100 logged dives in various environments including at least 20 dives to 30 m
  • Performed at least 50 dives with the equipment that the course requires (excluding stage cylinder)
  • Be able to use several different underwater propulsion techniques to maneuver forward, backward, and to turn
  • Be able to have a good trim in both the dive and during the ascent, to stay for 20 min at the same depth +- 1 meters.

For more information see Course Standards

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