Wreck Diver 1

By definition a shipwreck is defined as “the destruction or loss of a ship or vessel by sinking”.  This may sound awkward to many people but to us divers it is heaven. Divers can witness the ability of nature to transform a manmade construction into a marvelous artificial reef where nature transforms itself into the most bizarre artist and unleashes its beauty.

The inside of a shipwreck is one of the most hostile environments under water but it is also one of the most amazing and adventurous places divers like to go.  This is where time stands still and you can imagine how the crew lived on ships from different eras.  In modern ship wrecks the most amazing thing is to go down the ships engine room and see the once so active engine now stand completely still in the middle of a stroke is a sight to marvel at and remember long after the dive is completed. Wreck Diving is an activity that provides an incredible amount in the form of visual sights and excitement.

But as much as wreck diving give you a fantastic experience, it requires of you that you do it safely. It is not difficult to ‘swim’ inside a wreck, but to get out of a situation where visibility is reduced to zero and you also share gas with your team member requires that you have practiced the right action to make it all the way out. Going inside a wreck is easy. Getting out safely is the tricky part.

The Wreck Diver 1 course in SwedTech Diving provides you with the necessary basic training you need to become a capable and above all a safe wreck diver. You will learn how to move around safely inside the wreck, evaluate dangers and also communicate with your team mates.  Swedtech believes firmly that basic training as a solid block on which each diver can build up skills effectively. 


During the course you will:

  • Develop your trim and propulsion techniques which are very important in wreck penetration.
  • Dealing with lamp and lamp signals,
  • Line laying and communicating without reference.


After passing the Wreck Diver 1 course, you have learned to dive and penetrate a wreck under the same conditions that prevailed during the course, to a maximum depth of 30 m with air or nitrox as bottom gas. Helium-based gas mixes can be used but does not increase the depth. All dives during the course will be held within no-decompression limits.


Prerequisite Wreck Diver 1

  • Students must be at least 18 years old
  • Good physical and mental health.
  • Students must be Technical Diving Basic Skills educated or equivalent in other organization
  • Demonstrate at least 100 logged dives in varying dive environments including at least 20 dives to about 30 m
  • Performed at least 50 dives with the equipment that the course requires
  • Be able to use several different swimming techniques to maneuver forward, backward and to turn
  • Demonstrate very good balance in both the dive and during the ascent, to keep the same depth for 20 min + -1 meters

 For more information see Course Standards

Photo: Tomek Stachura