Wreck Diver 2

Wreck Diver 2 consists of refining the already excellent skills in wreck and decompression diving. Thereafter, at least three wreck dives deeper than 40 meters containing decompression with at least one gas change

During the course, helium-based bottom gas, equivalent narcosis depth (END) is a maximum of 30 meters, shallower if the circumstances so require.

Decompression gases used during the course are EAN50 and or 100% O2.

Maximum depth during this course is 55 meters.

After passing the Wreck Diver 2 course, you have learned to plan and execute a wreck dive with penetration and decompression with at least one gas change.


Prerequisite Wreck Diver 2

Students must be at least 20 years old

Good physical and mental health

Students must be Technical Diver 1 and Wreck Diver 1 educated or equivalent in other organization

Have at least 200 logged dives

At least 20 decompression dives with gas switching

Performed at least 100 dives with equipment that requires the course (excluding stage cylinder)

Simultaneous use of several different propulsion technique to maneuver forward, backward, and to turn

Demonstrate very good balance in both the dive and during the ascent, to keep the same depth for 20 min + - 0.5 meters


For more info see Course standards

Photo: Tomek Stachura