Edd Stockdale #15

Strömstad, Sweden/ Australia/ Asia Edd is the first Southern hemisphere instructors to join Swedtech and actively teaches around the world. When not involved in technical diving education he works with research institutions as a dive safety officer for technical range expeditions. In this role he works with the University of Oxford, University of Malta and Malta Heritage. He is director of Gradient Scientific and Technical Diving, a training and logistics company for divers looking to develop their skills or offer expedition support for exploration and research expeditions. When not teaching or diving he develops material for diving training agencies, including Swedtech Diving and presenting at both diving and scientific conferences. He is a core team member of Project Shadow which aims to explore, preserve and educate about wrecks around Europe. At present Edd is helping develop and teaching the Swedtech Diving sidemount programs. Contact Edd direct to get details on sidemount training or organising a course.