Equipment Configuration

Backplate and harness

A stainless steel backplate is recommended. A backplate made of aluminium can be used if it gives the student better balance in the water.

Harness should be made of approximately 50 mm wide webbing and contain no quick releases.

One D-ring should be placed on each side of the chest straps at collar bone level. One D-ring should be placed on the left side of the waist-strap, approximately in the middle of the body near the hipbone.

Crotch-strap should have two D-rings on it – one DPV / scooter D-ring on the forward side of the body and one D-ring mounted approximately 20 cm under the backplate.


Wing should have approximately 20 kg lift and a dump valve mounted on the left forward side.

For single cylinder a special wing made for this is used.

The rest of the configuration should correspond to the equivalent level the Diver Propulsion Diver-course is being held.

DPV / Scooter

A technical scooter with tow cord - please contact your instructor for questions about your particular type of DPV / Scooter.